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A Friend To All Things Nature

Nature & Kind is a blog focusing on all the wonderful animals that habitat mother nature. Animals are an endless source of entertainment for us, so we created a blog to haven all the entertainment these animals provide us with. Not only that, but we do our best to help give animals homes with loving families. Check out our affiliates if you’re looking to adopt. Nature & Kind posts pictures, videos, and articles dedicated to animals who help spice up life.


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Animal care is incredibly important, so keeping yourself informed is a huge responsibility as a pet owner. We have a list of articles for anything you need, from feeding to medical care, we have the information you need to help fix your problems.


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A picture’s worth a thousand words, and with the amount of pictures we’ve got, that means we’ve got a lot of words. We’ve got our photos split up by animal, so if you’re a dog person you can be rest assured you won’t find any cats in your list of pictures.


The internet is filled with great videos focused on animals, and we love to help spread these around. The video above is a great example of the types of videos we love to post.


Nature & Kind is a huge supporter of animal activists and businesses focused on the betterment of animal livelihood. Below we have listed some of the businesses and companies that we support.

  • We’re huge supporters of Petco and what they do for the pet community. They provide pet owners with the toys, medicine and food that other businesses can’t supply. So if you’ve got a rabbit and are in need of food, Petco can give you the feed you need.
  • One of our principles is to help find animals a home that best fits their unique situations. We have a page dedicated to shelters by area, or if you’re looking to adopt a cat, Adorabengals has Bengal kittens for sale for anyone interested.

So if you like animals and are looking for a blog, this is the one for you. Feel free to comment and link out on social media if you like what you see and want to spread the message. Thanks!

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